By Mel
Magic : Believed I Couldn’t Sweat

I initially bought this years ago without really understanding its properties- and for a good while I thought I couldn’t sweat!

As if like magic, NO BO, NO sweating. Alas, it was not magic- it was the inconspicuous tiny Trust.

I bought it online after being unable to source it in high street chemists. I was sure this product had been a figment of my imagination.

It is as good as I remember.

By dmk

Works really well, 3 days and my feet don't pong

By Jane willmott
Foot deodorant

This is brilliant I would give it a 10 out of 10, Jane Willmott

By Zafirka Koleva
Extremely satisfying results

Buying on a regular basis

By Hayley Burrows
It works!

I don't know what witchcraft is in this tiny pot of paste, but I do know it works! I can't quite believe it, but no more smelly feet!

By catherine m

Bought for husband who can’t use spray and doesn’t want to use aluminium based deodorants, works long shifts and goes to the gym regularly. This is his 3rd pot, swears by it. The whole family are using it now.

By B.C
Best deodrant on the market

Been using for years would never be without

Great deodorant

Trust Underarm Deodorant has been a game-changer for my pre-puberty child who started experiencing body odor. This deodorant is gentle yet effective, providing long-lasting freshness and odor protection. The pleasant scent is not overpowering and the deodorant goes on smoothly without leaving any residue. Trust Underarm Deodorant has given my child the confidence they need during this transitional phase. Highly recommended!

By The Judge
Excellent deodorant especially for sensitive skin

I have been using this product for over 25 years and it never fails. You only need a small amount and it lasts for 5-6 days before I have to re-apply. I usually put it on before going to bed and wash it off in the shower the following morning.
A tip- in the summer I usually shave my arm pits and Trust seems to work even better

By Daba
Cream Deodorant

This is the only deodorant that works for me.